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My Bio ,I love to travel and anything related to learning about foreign languages and cultures. I'm an artist, partecipant of Pink Sambato. ethnic there's for every time I sigh, about something you trying to express out of your mind...along with style like no other!..every element inbetween has built the future ahead of you.. I study in the International Linguistic high school Spanish language option I... really a lot of interests..What's about me? in my mind... besos, Iviv

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Spagnolo, Inglese, Portoghese

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  1. Indie Music _ To Travel _ Graffiti _ Good Noise
  2. Wisdom, Philosophy of Life _ To Know the World
  3. Istinct _ Indipendence _ So Much Other Things...

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  1. all bullshit
  2. big brother and sons, Britney spears and daughters
  3. real life stories and most of it.I can't stand TV

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